Monday, 9 May 2016

Meal Planning Monday

Another Monday. So last week was busy, at the minute it slows down in June so I'm looking forward to the rest!

My veg bag arrived and this week I got cauliflower, mushrooms, salad leaves, carrots and dried chilli. I'm getting a bit bored of cauliflower, but I'm sure I can think of something to turn it into. 

This is what my garden looks like. I love this time of year and get all excited when the tiny plants start pushing through the soil.

On Saturday night my sister came over and we had a barbecue in my back garden, one of the highlights was definitely making s'mores. We had some with milk chocolate and some with white reeses pieces. Yum!

Yesterday I went to a talk at The London Library on building a character. The speakers were Nicholas Hytner, Simon Callow, Simon Russell Beale, Natascha McElhone and Harriet Walter and I did swoon just a bit! Afterwards we went for tea in The Parlour in Fortnum and Mason. I had the Pavlova with Passionfruit Curd and Raspberries, which was delicious. 

This week is busy too, tonight I'm free, tomorrow I have a mentor meeting, Wednesday is Big Dance rehearsal, Thursday I am going to Denim N Dine (a pop-up by Pedro Passinhas, which I am very excited about), Friday I am going to a friends house for dinner and I am going to my parents for the weekend. Like I said, I'm looking forward to doing very little in June!!


Chicken Sausage Sandwich with Crisps 

Goose Curry with Rice

Out at Denim n Dine



  1. Oh wow, I'm so jealous - I'm a total Simon Russell Beale fangirl! His Hamlet is my favourite ever! Plus, that pavlova looks pretty amazing too... :)

    1. Me too!! I'm going to see him as Prospero in The Tempest in Stratford at Christmas and I am already overly excited!!