Monday, 12 May 2014

Meal Planning Monday

Wow, so last week passed in a flash, despite it still being a five day week for me! I was in so much pain by the end of last week that I ended up paying to go and see a physio. He spent an hour and  a quarter with me and I think I finally understand a bit more and have some useful things to do, including rolling around on a tennis ball!
Food wise I pretty much stuck to plan. There was only one swap out, when I realised that the avocados I had were much riper than I thought, I made this lovely Avocado, Bacon and Egg sandwich on homemade bread to munch on for lunch yesterday instead. Not worth a whole post but definitely worth a mention.

I also spent part of yesterday with my neighbour breaking into my shed as I've lost the padlock keys! She came with an electric saw, which went through the bracket in no time, but it does mean that I now have to attempt a spot of DIY next weekend and get a new one. This is not something I am any good at!

I also repotted all my little sweetcorn plants, I have 24! Too many for me, but luckily the ones I don't have space for have good homes to go to. I also have aubergine, chilli and tomatillo plants sheltering on my windowsill which are still slightly too small to go out. The tomatillos are just peaking through and in a couple of weeks the aubergine and chilli plants will be big enough to be repotted.

This week I tried really hard to use my cookery books rather than just relying on the Internet for a meal plan. It's really difficult especially with Pinterest where I can easily search for recipes using a particular ingredient. However, I persevered, and pretty much everything comes either from my head, the freezer or a cookbook.


Storecupboard Pasta Salad
Sticky Asian Salmon Kebabs with Pak Choi and Rice

Mushroom Burger

Smoked Trout and Fennel Pasta Salad (Salads Book)
Out for dinner

Salami and Cornichon Sandwich with Crisps
Chicken, Sweetcorn and Courgette Enchiladas

Duck in Lettuce (Hairy Dieters)
Kale Speltotto with Goat's Cheese (River Cottage Veg)

Tomato Tarte Tatin with Salad

Mexican Mackerel Nachos

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  1. Avocado and bacon is an absolutely gorgeous combination - I have extreme sandwich envy!

    Using cookery books rather than the Internet is definitely something I need to do more of - I have so many of the things but it is so much easier to just Google...perhaps I'll make more of an effort inspired by this post :)