Thursday, 29 May 2014

Chocolate Crunchie Fudge

This was last weeks book group offering, which seemed to go down better with the teachers than the kids! I thought it was ok but a bit rich for me! I think I must have the same taste buds as a 12 year old!

Chocolate Crunchie Fudge (from Baby Centre)
(Makes 39 Pieces)

400g dark chocolate, broken into pieces
397g tin condensed milk
25g butter
100g icing sugar
4 x Cadbury Crunchies

Line a 20cm square brownie tin.

Melt the butter, chocolate and condensed milk gently, until smooth and glossy. Then sift the icing sugar over the chocolate mixture and whisk in with an electric whisk.

Bash three of the crunchies, still in their wrappers and pour the broken pieces into the fudge mixture and stir through.

Pour the mixture into the lined pan and smooth with a spoon. Bash the last crunchie and sprinkle over the top of the fudge.

Leave in the fridge for an hour to set. Cut into squares and serve.

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