Thursday, 22 August 2013

Fresh mackerel with roasted rhubarb

This was an interesting experiment but not one I much enjoyed. However, my rhubarb was a bit old and past it's best so I think that's why it was quite so tart. I might try this again next year using younger rhubarb and see how it goes.

Fresh mackerel with roasted rhubarb (from Nigel Slater's Simple Suppers)
(Serves 2)

4-5 stalks rhubarb good
shake of light brown sugar
2 fresh mackerel, filleted
a little plain flour, seasoned with salt and pepper, for dusting
a couple of good glugs of olive oil
a few sprigs of rosemary, chopped
1 tbsp capers, drained
splash sherry vinegar

For the roasted rhubarb, preheat the oven to 200C. Cut the rhubarb into 15cm/6in or so lengths and place in a roasting tin with half a tea-cup of water and the light brown sugar. Roast until just soft enough to take the point of a knife, about 10-15 minutes. Allow to cool, then drain, reserving the cooking juices.

Dip the skin side of each mackerel fillet into the seasoned flour to lightly coat. Heat the oil in a large frying pan. Gently place the mackerel fillets in the hot pan, skin-side down, and scatter over the rosemary. Add the roasted rhubarb to the side of the pan to heat through and add the capers for a little vinegary flavour.

Turn the mackerel after just two or so minutes when you can see that the mackerel is cooked halfway up the fillet. Cook for a further minute or two, then add the sherry vinegar for richness and allow to just come to the boil in the pan before removing the mackerel and the rhubarb.

To the pan juices, add a little of the juices from the reserved roasted rhubarb to just lift the crispy bits from the pan where all the flavour is. Serve straightaway, with the sauce over the mackerel with the rhubarb on the side.

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