Saturday, 27 July 2013

Smokey Barbecue Hot Dog Pasta

This is such a fun thing to make and especially good fun for kids as the pasta goes all wiggly and it looks a little like octopi! It also very tasty. I used my tamarind chipotle barbecue sauce as I had some left over but you could any home made or store bought barbecue sauce.

Smokey Barbecue Hot Dog Pasta
(Serves 1)

60g spaghetti or angel hair, broken in half
2 thin hot dogs/1 jumbo hot dog, cut into chunks
1 tbsp barbecue sauce

Thread each chunk of hot dog with several strands of the pasta.

Bring a pan or water to the boil and add in the pasta and hot dogs cooking according to packet instructions.

Drain and then mix with the barbecue sauce. Serve.

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