Monday, 27 October 2014

Meal Planning Monday

So this weeks been rather lovely. Last Saturday I met a friend I hadn't seen in a while for coffee and it was lovely to catch up. I spent all of Sunday in the garden digging things up and picking the last of my veg, I felt an enormous sense of wellbeing just pottering in the garden, so much so that I cancelled a Zumba class and a workshop I was meant to attend!

On Monday I worked in the morning and then went to a couple of workshops at the Apple shop to help me with the Macs I now use at work. I met another friend for lunch on Tuesday, we went to the Grain Store in Granary Square next to Kings Cross station and had a lovely veggie chilli with rice, although many of the items on the menu were a bit bizarre and the waitress was equally bizarre, but it was lovely to catch up with her as well and find out all the gossip. 

Wednesday, I went to Neil's Yard Dairy in Covent Garden and picked out some cheese for the weekend, then in the afternoon I went to the garden centre with my next door neighbour and bought a couple of huge pots for some trees for the garden. Then on Thursday I made both soup and ice cream! I finally made the sloes I picked over the summer into syrup and from that made sloe ice cream, which tastes delicious! I went to my parents on Thursday evening and then I spent Friday catching up on jobs that needed doing as well as going to the Farmers Market where they live.

My godfather and his partner came for the weekend and it was lovely to see them as I don't get to see them that often. I made dinner on Saturday night, I did a Delia tortellini pasta bake, followed by a friend's recipe for apple pie. Delicious! On Sunday we had sea bream with lots of lovely veg and cheese for afters. It was a lovely chilled weekend and I spent some time sorting out things left in my parents house that really needed chucking out, especially as I've not actually lived there since 2007!!

Next week is a quiet one, I'm going to the theatre on Monday with my father. I've also started going back to WeightWatchers on Tuesday's because it's much easier to loose that half a stone I've gained rather than the stone it'll be after Christmas. It was lovely going back to see everyone and I even found out about some ballroom dancing classes that I might be able to go to! Very exciting! Zumba on Wednesday and Friday then at the weekend I'm meeting a friend for lunch on Saturday, going to a Give or Take day in Walthamstow in the afternoon and then I'm going to my sisters for dinner in the evening. Then on Sunday I'm meeting a different friend to go and see the poppies at the Tower of London and the Knitwear exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum. Ok so maybe it's a bit more jam packed than I thought! Much better than sitting around on my tod doing nothing though! The food is lovely and varied a few new things and a few old.

Currently reading: The Dressmaker by Maria Duenas

Courgette and Brie Soup with a Scone
Out before the theatre

Cheese and Tomato Quiche and Salad
Devilled Mackerel with Beetroot and Dill

Wild Rice, Ham and Pea Salad
Yellow Thai Curry with Rice

Greek Chicken with Couscous and Tzatziki (Jamie's 15 Min Meals)
Pumpkin Pasta Bake

Smoked Salmon Pasta Salad
Spicy Cajun Chicken, Smashed Sweet Potato with Corn Salsa (Jamie's 15 Min Meals)

Out at the Hornbeam Cafe
Out at my sisters

Out with friends
Chicken and Snail Paella

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  1. Sounds lovely - both the meal plan and your week! Good luck at WW.