Monday, 20 October 2014

Meal Planning Monday

It's half term! I am looking forward to spending time at home and spent yesterday sorting out the garden, pulling up old veg, planting the bulbs and doing the window boxes and planting onions and garlic. It really is one of my favourite places to be. 

So this week is pretty chilled, I'm working tomorrow and doing a couple of workshops in the afternoon, on Tuesday I'm meeting a friend for lunch, rest day on Wednesday with a comic and manga workshop for librarians in the evening and then on Thursday I'm going to my parents for the weekend to go to the dentist and my godfather and his partner are coming for the weekend, really looking forward to seeing them. I have loads of things to do around the house though as I've not had time during term time, so lunchtime meals will be a bit haphazard!

Currently reading: Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop - Kate Saunders

Farro and Roasted Pepper Salad (Plenty)
Sardine Pasta Bake with Salad

Out with a friend
Pumpkin Pasta with Salad


Lamb Kofta Curry with Rice


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