Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Menu Plan Tuesday Again

This weeks Menu Plan Monday is a day late and last weeks went completely out the window! By the time I had got around to finding a computer to post from it was Thursday! So I didn't bother, I just had a written one on my pin board. One of the best recipes from a couple of weeks ago was this Sausage, Mushroom and Asparagus Rigatoni, based on the Sausage and Mushroom Penne dish from Nilmandra from Soy and Pepper. The only changes I made were using Rigatoni instead of Penne and adding asparagus as it needed using up.

Needless to say it was delicious, it was lovely and creamy with a nice mustard tang. I had leftovers which I froze and had yesterday for lunch and it was none the worse for being frozen. I don't seem to have much energy at the moment, so all my cooking is very simple and quick, often a combination of freezer staples and veggies, or things I have cooked a million times before. I now have a referral to the hospital so hopefully someone there can help, and I'm also trying osteopathy tomorrow to try and ease the pain in my neck and shoulders. Fingers crossed.

Lunch: Fry Up
Dinner: Curry

Lunch: Sausage and Mushroom Penne, Salad
Dinner: Breaded Plaice, Veggies

Lunch: Noodle Salad
Dinner: Out at Yo! Sushi

Lunch: Chicken Fajitas
Dinner: Devilled Mackerel with spinach and potatoes

Lunch: Quiche, Salad
Dinner: Pasta, Chicken and Pesto

Lunch: Salad
Dinner: Out?

Lunch: Out?
Dinner: At my Cousins for a Barbecue

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