Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Chinese Chive Steamed Bun

This is not something that I have cooked, but it something I am now addicted to! Steamed Buns! There is nice little stall just as you go out of China Town in London which sells Steamed Buns nicely warmed and ready to eat, in a variety of flavours. They also sell croquettes and rice in banana leaves which I will have to try!

This one was a Chive Steamed Bun, which I had never tried before so I was surprised by the egg inside, but it was delicious. I also bought a Pork one at the same time and that was really tasty too. I have found a recipe on Just Hungry for them that I want to try, but I think I'll make plain ones to eat with the Chinese Lentil Dish I made a little while ago.

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