Monday, 16 March 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Last week's Menu Plan Monday went quite well, the only thing that I didn't make was the Steamed Sea Bass with Bok Choi, as when I made the plan I had forgotten that I was going out for dinner on Saturday. In the end that was cancelled so I had Chinese takeaway instead! The leftovers are nicely stored in the freezer. One of the highlights of last week was the Pork Paprikash which came from Dining Alone Blog, I made this for my sister on Sunday and it went down a treat.

This weeks Menu Plan Monday is mostly things out of the freezer, and there is not a lot of actual cooking involved! I am also trying to get back into making bento but none of my pretty boxes are microwave safe so I'm using lots of the lock & lock boxes instead. This weeks cook book recipe is Black Bean Curry from my Slimming World Curry book. Its also the only vegetarian meal this week.

Out at my Niece's Christening
Bread and Cheese

Noodles and Veg, Pork Balls (Bento)
Smoked Haddock Fishcake, Salad

Salad with Cheese, Ham etc
Out for dinner

Frankfurter, Potato Salad (Bento)
Sausage and Mash with onion gravy, Veggies

Baked Cabbage and Fish Risotto, Salad
Chicken en Croute, Salad

Pate and Lettuce Sandwich
Steamed Sea Bass with Pak Choi

Bread and Cheese
Black Eye Bean Curry (SW), Naan Bread

Things to make and freeze:

Gorgonzola, Leek and Tortellini Bake
Chickpea Soup

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  1. I love pasta based dishes.
    Tuesday is my day off and I enjoy setting some time aside to visit MPM bloggers.
    Thanks for providing some inspiration for future menu plans. Happy St. Patrick's Day!Enjoy your week