Sunday, 29 March 2009


I had a couple of bento lunches this week, they are definitely more interesting to take to work than a sandwich and bag of crisps. I also invested in a Laptop Lunchbox, which arrived really quickly, I ordered it on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday, although the postman did wake me up at 8am! I'm hoping to use this to make sandwich and salad bentos, although I'm not sure how well it will hold things in place as only one of the inner containers has a lid. It does come with a spoon and fork set though.

Wednesday's Bento was leftover rice salad from Tuesday evening, with a green chick of sweet chilli sauce. The top layer held three fish balls, 2 cherry tomatoes, a cucumber slice and a mini cadbury's caramel.

Thursday's Bento held a cheese and onion quiche, with salad, and then a side car of chicken samosa, blue strawberry of raita, a babybel and a mini flake.

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