Saturday, 4 April 2009

More Bento!

I had three bento this week. Monday's bento was the first outing of my new Laptop Lunchbox! Whilst this was a very expensive lunch box it is just so cool! The red container has Leek and Gorgonzola Bake, I used Danish blue cheese instead of Gorgonzola as that what I had in at the time and it was still just as tasty. The purple one has salad, green had goldfish crackers which I brought back from the States, and the yellow one has a piece of rocky road and a container of vinaigrette for the salad.
This system worked really well, the pasta container had a lid so that kept it all safe in there, the rest didn't have lids but the food remained in place, apart from a stray lettuce leaf, throughout my journey to work. I also love the little fork and spoon you get with it, it was nice not having the use the greasy cutlery from work!

Wednesday's bento was cold soba noodles with sesame seeds and spring onion, this had a dipping sauce to go with it which is not pictured. Then the top layer was carrot kinpira from Maki at Just Bento, cocktail sausages on picks, some watercress, hoi sin sauce in the green chick and a piece of Kit Kat Chunky. Unfortunately the Carrot Kinpira leaked somewhat and I had a soy sauce tasting Kit Kat!

Thursday's was leftover curry, chicken tikka markhani, spinach pilau rice, a piece of naan bread, chicken samosa, goats cheese babybel, 2 cherry tomatoes, a yellow bear of raita for the samosa and a green chick of hoi sin sauce for the babybel.

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