Monday, 21 December 2015

Meal Planning Monday

I finally caved in and bought a Christmas jumper this week! It's nose lights up and everything!

I got a veg and fruit bag this week. The veg bag contained Brussels sprouts, a piece of squash, carrots, chard and black radish. In my fruit bag were oranges, apples and pears.

I went to the Masters of the Everyday: Dutch Art in the Age of Vermeer at the Queen's Gallery and then in the afternoon we went to The British Museum of Food at Borough Market, this is pop-up set up by Bompas and Parr, with the aim of setting up a permanent museum. There were four different experiences, a trip as a bolus in a massage chair, a chocolate test, a butterfly room and old menus collected from all over the place.

I also picked up some hot smoked salmon from Davies Fishmongers in Walthamstow. It was fantastic, beautifully smokey and delicate.

On Sunday I went to the Jingle Bells concert at The Royal Albert Hall. It was fantastic with lots of Christmas jumpers and flashing lights and a good old sing-a-long.

This week is CHRISTMAS in case you haven't noticed! So, I go to my parents on Wednesday until just after Christmas and so my meal plan is very short!

Out at Homeslice

Kipper Cakes with Salad

Sandwich with Crisps

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