Monday, 26 October 2015

Meal Planning Monday

Ok, so, I seem to have spent most of half term cleaning and doing jobs! I have cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom and hung pictures and done all the stuff I don't have time for during term time. Then on Thursday I took a break and went to my parents house for a few days. The first thing we did was to visit Hilltop Farm Pick Your Own to pick squashes!

They came in a myriad of shapes and sizes and I got a bit over excited so this was my haul! Any awesome squash recipes send my way!

We had mushroom, cream and garlic pasta for dinner. I made the leftovers into a pesto, mushroom pasta salad the next day.

Then baked apples for pudding! One of my favourite autumn puds.

I also went for a long walk round the villages near where my parents live.

This week I am back at work and it's a lovely quiet week with only pilates on Monday evening. Then next weekend the North London Waste Authority are doing a Give and Take Day, which I'm going to and then I think I might go and see Spectre on Saturday night to avoid Trick or Treaters. Having looked at my plan there is an awful lots of pasta going on this week! Yum!


Cheese and Onion Quiche with Salad
Kipper Carbonara (River Cottage Fish)

Lemon Sole with Cucumber, Potatoes and Veg (Leiths Fish Bible)



Lentil Marinara with Pasta

Goat and Cashew Curry with Rice (River Cottage Light and Easy)

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  1. Yum indeed - there is no such thing as too much pasta! Enjoy your week x