Friday, 23 October 2015

Chocolate Truffle Making Workshop at The Chocolate Museum

Last Saturday I went to The Chocolate Museum in Brixton to a Chocolate Truffle Making Workshop. it was really good and the truffles we made looked and tasted delicious!

We started off by making ganache, well they heated up the chocolate, added the cream and then we stirred! We also got to flavour our individual pots of ganache and my Mum and I chose ginger.

We also cut out fudge shapes, the fudge had been remade as it has to set.

Finally we shaped white chocolate ganache into balls ready for coating.

The last thing we learnt how to do was temper chocolate so that is at the right temperature for that lovely glossy finish. We did a dark bowl and basically after the chocolate has melted you add cold pieces of chocolate to bring the temperature down, for dark that's to 33C. Once the chocolate has been brought down to that temperature you have to be really careful about remelting it once it solidifies and it mustn't go back above 33C for dark. It's 32C for milk and 31C for white chocolate.

We then coated our various fillings in the different chocolates and added sprinkles, or rose petals or chocolate shavings. These are the fudge:

Followed by the white ganache:

Then the chocolate and ginger ganache:

We then packed them into pretty bags to take home.

They would make really fab Christmas presents but they need to be kept in the fridge and only last about a week as the ganache has fresh cream in it.

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