Sunday, 18 October 2015

Artisan Bread Making at The Dusty Knuckle

On Tuesday evening I went to the Dusty Knuckle, a bakery in a shipping container in a car park in Dalston for a breadmaking course! I found out about the course through Craft Food London. First Max went through the basics of sourdough bread and how bakers ratios work in order to made sourdough. They had made up dough for us and we shaped it into 3 different shapes, the first were rolls

Then baguettes

Then a loaf of bread, and we had a go at slashing the tops with a razor blade to allow the bread to expand.

So I came home having made all this! I took most of what I made to work the next day and everyone who tried some stopped me in the corridor and told me how good the bread was.

We also made pizza for dinner with a slightly different dough, which was just so so good. I topped mine with tomato, aubergine, basil and mozzarella.

We also made some dough during the course which we took home to bake which I did on Thursday evening.

My bread was absolutely delicious, it was a little bit sourer as I waited a couple of days to bake it, but I really love the flavour.

All in all this was a super course and Max, the guy who led it, was so knowledgeable and I now feel that I understand making sourdough a bit better, and could attempt it on my own, now all I have to do is keep the starter alive! 

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