Friday, 25 July 2014

Selfridges Windows

Today I went to the Dennis Hopper exhibition at the Royal Academy, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was a very eclectic mix of pictures, everything from slightly dull abstracts to photos of icons, such as Martin Luther King at a Rally and Andy Warhol as well as hippies and bikers. On a slight detour back to the tube I went past Selfridges summer windows, which this year are all food themed. 

The first is of an American diner

Then a bakery

Followed by a window full of meringues!

Next came a charcuterie

Then an espresso bar, with a lovely lady sheltering from the rain!

And finally a Mexican window.

I really loved these windows, there were a couple more but there were too many pictures to get good shots. I'll try going back earlier in the morning to get better shots. They are really fun to look at and promote the changes to their food hall.

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