Monday, 28 October 2013

Meal Planning Monday

So I appear to be stuck! At the moment there are no trains running south of Peterborough, which is where I need to get on! So this meal plan is definitely subject to change. I have already cancelled pilates this evening but I have to be back for a doctors appointment tomorrow morning!

Despite all this hassle at the end of the weekend, I have had a lovely weekend up in Northumberland. I bought a couple of historic cookbooks all from the 19th century and I went to an art exhibition in Gateshead of paintings by Ralph Hedley. Then yesterday we went to the Bowes Museum to see an exhibition of Laura Ashley dresses mostly from the 70s. It was really interesting but I couldn't imagine some of them ever being worn although my father says he remembered the look!

I am feeling much better although my sinuses are still sore and my ears still blocked! The doctor said it could take up to 2-3 weeks to clear completely and it isn't showing any signs of disappearing yet! But I feel a little more upbeat and purposeful.


Sweet Potato Burger (Waitrose Magazine)



Herby Fish in a Bun with Crisps
Chinese Sausage with Barbecue Sauce, Rice Noodles and Greens


Wasabi Prawn and Scallop Kebabs with Rice or Noodles



  1. Oh dear, hope transport issues sort themselves out and you get home for what sounds like a rather yummy dinner!