Monday, 10 December 2012

Meal Planning Monday

My parent's came down for the weekend and on Saturday morning my Mum and I went down to Borough Market to pick up a few bits. I got some burgers (Zebra, Kangaroo, Springbok and Wagyu Beef) and we also got bits for lunch. We had delicious dips, bread, a feta borek each and a goat's cheese and onion tart, and we finished off the meal with ginger shortbread and parsnip, pear and salted caramel cake.

We then had a bit of an IKEA saga. We went to buy a bathroom cabinet, which we did, but when we got it home we discovered it was bashed. So we took it back to discover that that was the last one and that they had no more in stock and wouldn't have until today! So I am now trying to get them to deliver a new one to me free of charge, or get them to pay for a taxi back from IKEA as I don't have a car and it's too heavy to carry on two buses! Very annoying!

The rest of the weekend passed off smoothly, I went to a lovely party on Saturday night and stuffed myself full trying 5 different puddings, that's what happens when you give me alcohol and choice of dessert, I try them all! Lots of Zumba for me this week!

Last week at school this week, we finish on Friday and then on Sunday I fly to Rome!! I am so looking forward to the break and going to the Vermeer and Dutch painting exhibition, as well as the Vatican. I'm also looking forward to all that delicious pasta! I'm also going on a Victorian cookery course at the Museum of London on Saturday with a friend, which I'm really looking forward to too! Other than that, work, Zumba and theatre.

Vegetarian Mulligatawny Soup and Naan Bread
Glazed Trout with Green Beans and Bulgar Salad

Ham and Courgette Dip Sandwich and Crisps
Asian Shin of Beef and Hot and Sour Salad with Mash or Noodles

Quiche and Salad
Goan Chicken Curry with Rice

Broccoli, Pea and Asparagus Pasta Salad with Salami
Out at the theatre with my father

Whatever is leftover!
Seared Sesame Tuna with Noodles and Stir Fry Veg

At a cookery course
Yellow Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

Flying to Rome
In Rome eating large amounts of pasta :)

Check out Mrs M's blog for lots of other menu ideas


  1. Wow what fab sounding meals! x

  2. If you will be in Rome and haven't been to Ostia scavi, take an afternoon and go. It's the port city of Ancient Rome, it's as big as Pompeii, and it's practically empty. To get there, go to the Stazione Termini, go down one level to where the subway runs, find a ticket seller and get a biglietto per Ostia scavi, andante e ritorno (round trip). The train starts underground but once it leaves the city it's above ground. When you get to the stop you cross a footbridge over the tracks, turn left, and you're in a Roman city with apartment building up to the third floor. You can buy a guidebook at the refreshment stand at the theater. Tourists don't know about it, so its mostly Italians who go there. The mosaics alone are worth the trip.

  3. I really want to go to Ostia, but I don't think we'll have time this trip :(

    In one of my favourite series of children's books the main characters come from Ostia.