Friday, 17 April 2009

Three Bento

I have been away over the Easter period with no Internet, hence no blogging. I spent the weekend in Northumberland with my mum, relaxing and resting. I have done a little bit more to my tapestry and knitted a cuff and part of a sleeve for a cardigan! The knitting is very slow going, but I will persevere, even if it takes me the next year!

These are just a few catch up bento from last week. I really like the laptop lunchbox, its so useful for a hot meal on longer days because the containers are microwaveable, and its much handier than carrying around numerous Tupperware pots!

First up was left over fish pie with a salad, some grapes and a mini crunchie, vinaigrette for the salad and a tiny bit of mushroom pasta salad. This kept me filled up throughout the day.

Next we have couscous salad with courgettes, red pepper and feta, the blue container has vinaigrette, and the green chick has hummus. In the top layer is three falafel, a mini cadbury's caramel bar, grapes and cherry tomatoes.

This one was yesterday's bento, ham, cheese and orzo casserole with salad, a blue container of vinaigrette, goldfish crackers, a goats cheese babybel and two chocolate and orange mini rolls.

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  1. I am from greece and i love cooking. I don't know english very good but i like your recipes.