Monday, 1 December 2008

Menu Plan Monday, My First One!

This is for Menu Plan Monday, which I am having a go at for the first time. I have been planning my weekly meals for a long time, I have a wall chart which I print out each week. I usually plan my meals on a Saturday as that is when I have the most time, its slow at work if I'm there, or I sit in the afternoon and plan. I have found that its made me use up the food in my fridge, freezer and store cupboards more effectively and stopped me wasting so much food, plus I love having meals to look forward to and dream about!

Lunch: Ham Cheese and Orzo Casserole, Salad
Dinner: Toulouse Sausages with Creamy Leeks

Lunch: Macaroni Cheese, Salad
Dinner: Steak and Ale Pie, Mash, Veggies

Lunch: Squash Soup, Bread Roll
Dinner: Lentil Curry, Rice with Saffron

Lunch: Salad with Cheese and Garlic Sausage
Dinner: Being Treated by my Dad

Lunch: Bento – Honey and Mustard Frankfurters, Carrots with Soy and Sesame, Sticky Rice
Dinner: Thai fishcakes, Noodles

Lunch: Flatbread with Hummus, Artichokes and Garlic Sausage
Dinner: Out for a meal with friends

I also need to make Squash Soup this week.


  1. Welcome to Meal Plan Monday! You sound so organized; good for you! I am envious that you live in London :)

  2. you have made is so oragnized... its a big task to think of what to cook for every meal for me daily. I shall my menu plan from now. THanks

  3. wow, i'm coming to your house for dinner!! looks great!! welcome btw!!

  4. Welcome to MPM. You'll love the large variety of meals and tips from the participants.
    I look forward to reading more about your life in London.
    Lemons and Cheese are your favorites? That's an interesting choice. I'll have to return to see how you incorporate them in your menu plans.