Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Mash and a Bookmarked Recipe

I am slowly remembering to photograph my meals, especially if they were particularly good. Yesterday lunchtime I had Fried Rice Mix. This is a staple out of my freezer, I usually make a big pot of this and then freeze it in individual portions but it can also be made from scratch in no time at all. Its basically rice with anything I can find in the fridge in it! I remember this being cooked for me when I was younger, by my mum when she hadn't got anything out of the freezer. It is such a good standby when people unexpectedly cancel, or you have loads of leftovers.

All you need to do is cook some long grain (or short grain) rice in boiling water, add some frozen peas, if you have them for the last 3 mins of cooking, and then drain it.

Whilst the rice is cooking I stir fry my veggies, in this case red pepper, mange tout, sugar snap, asparagus, but you could use almost anything. I then added egg to the stir fried veggies and cooked that, like you would for egg fried rice.

When the egg is slightly cooked but still runny add the rice back to the pan and mix it all up, Then I add things like cooked chicken, ready cooked prawns, garlic sausage or spring onion and leave it on the hob until everything has heated up.

Serve with a little Brown Sauce.

On Mondays I work until 8pm and last night was very slow, I had no customers from 6.30pm onwards, so I was looking forward to getting home to my Sausage and Mash. I love experimenting with Mash, adding mustard or horseradish to it, making Colcannon and Champ, using oil or milk or creme fraiche as the liquid ingredient, but I had never tried it with cheese before last night. This was inspired by Nicole of Bay Area Foodie's Camembert Mashed Potatoes, but I had some left over Brie that needed finishing up, so I used that. It was delicious and went really well with the Sausages and onion gravy.

My last offering is one of my bookmarked recipes it comes from Bobby of BlogChef and is Cheesecake Brownies. These were really simple to make and a great hit with my family, I also managed to cook them just right so that the centres were still slightly gooey. I totally forgot to photograph them when I made them so had to snatch the last one to take a picture of! This I will enter into Bookmarked Recipes this week, the fantastic event held by Ruth of Ruth's Kitchen.

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  1. I've made brownies before but never any with a cheesecake topping - I'm too scared I'll get addicted! Thanks for sending this great recipe into the round up