Friday, 27 November 2015

Fish Smoking Workshop: House of Sverre

On Wednesday evening I took a trip to Green Lanes to the House of Sverre for a fish smoking workshop run in connection with Craft Food London. First we met owner Gunnar Lieungh who talked us through the curing and smoking process he uses for his cold smoked salmon. He uses farmed salmon from Faroe Islands and it takes 6 days to produce a smoked salmon and he used juniper, alder and beech wood for the smoking.

He tampers as little as possible with the fish before smoking, just filleting it, leaving the ribs on, which he removes once the fish is cooked. 

We tried smoked salmon from different parts of the fish, first the belly, which was lovely and creamy. 

Then the neck which has a much more meaty texture a bit like parma ham and a smokier flavour and then the tail, which tasted more like the smoked salmon I am used to. We then went outside and were taught to smoke fish on a barbecue.

First you heat the coals as you would do for a normal barbecue and then you put a tray on top, followed by the wood. He used a mixture of chips, shavings and dust.

The grill rack is then placed on top and the fish on top of that. He smoked trout which had been brined for 3 hours.

Then the lid goes on and it is left for 15-20 mins.  Then you get delicious smoked trout!

The course was really interesting and he also went through how you could smoke fish in the oven, which I will definitely try over the festive period and hopefully beyond!

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