Sunday, 20 April 2014

New York

I have been on holiday for the last couple of weeks. I spent the first week in Picardie, France with a group of 11 and 12 year olds. We visited a traditional bakery and enjoyed croissants and pain au chocolat, went to a market in Etaples, a chocolate factory and a snail farm, all of which were fantastic. Sadly I don't have any pictures as all of them have pupils in, but I brought back lots of goodies. The girls also learnt to make mayonnaise and on the last day we went to an aquarium, so I do have a picture of some giant tortoises!

The second week I spent in New York. I had a wonderful week visiting museums, going to the theatre and wandering around the shops. I also tried out some of the food places I had lined up. 

The first was The Halal Guys, a food truck at the corner of 53rd St and 5th Ave. There were three choses, chicken, meat and falafel. I went for a chicken wrap, which was ok, not the best things I've ever tasted but ok, I forgot to take a picture! I also tasted a black and white cookie and a cupcake from Amy's Bread both of which were fantastic, but devoured too quickly for a picture!

One of the other things I have been dying to try are cannoli. I guess you can get them here but I've never seen them. 

This was from the grocery store/deli near where we stayed and it was yummy; sweetend cream cheese inside a chocolate biscuit shell.

I also had a diner meal somewhere near Chelsea Market, which we wandered around but as we wanted to sit down and eat we found a diner. I had a diner burger with bacon and cheese served with sweet potato fries.

And a red velvet shake.

I also finally tried Katz's Deli as I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about. I had a Corned Beef Reuben with pickles and at $17.45 it was ridiculously expensive for something that I didn't think was that great. It was a bit bland even with the thousand island dressing. I don't think I'll bother going back. 

On a recommendation from my friend Laurel I went to The Two Little Red Hens Bakery and got cherry cheesecake. It was out of this world. So smooth and creamy with a crunchy base, the best cheesecake I have ever eaten.

As you can see we'd already tucked in before taking a picture!

I also bought a 1912 cookery book: Lowney's Cook Book

Which I was told by the bookseller was THE cook book of the South.

There are still so many other places and dishes I want to try, I can't wait to go back. Fingers crossed!

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