Saturday, 1 May 2010

Lobster in Boston

One of the things to eat in Boston is Lobster. The city is one the coast although it doesn't really feel like it, but I found some of the best seafood in Boston. One night I went to a Irish pub not far from Quincy Market with some friends I met at the youth hostel and we had $15 lobster. Well the two guys I was with did, I had a crab cake and Anna had nachos, but the lobster looked amazing. I did get to try a little bit and it was indeed delicious. I loved Boston and would love to go back, even though my trip was extended by 3 days to 10 with the Volcano, there are still more things that I would love to see there.

It was served with melted butter and chips or mash, both the guys went for chips!

Alex with a lobster in his mouth!

All of us at the table with our food.

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