Sunday, 9 May 2010

Chinese Chicken Curry and Crab Rangoon

On my last night in Boston I decided to treat myself to a Chinese. There was a place called the Teryaki House, not far from the Hostel, which I walked past every day and wanted to try out. It served a mixture of Japanese and Chinese food and specialised in Teryaki, hence the name I guess, but I was craving Chinese curry so that's what I went for and I had to try crab rangoon, as I'd seen it everywhere and never heard of it before. I don't think you can get it in the UK.

The crab rangoon was crab meat and cream cheese stuffed in a wonton wrapper and then deep fried. Having never heard of it before I wasn't sure what it was, but actually the combination worked really well. It had a kind of citrusy dipping sauce with it, which went really well with the rangoons.

Then I had a chicken curry rice bowl, with onions, carrots, beans, mushrooms and chicken and fried rice underneath. This was delicious, not too spicy, just the right amount of heat and it was nice to finally have some vegetables. It seems if you try and eat cheaply in the States you don't get much veg, only if you eat Chinese!

All in all I loved Boston, the people were really friendly and the city was walkable. I would really like to go back. I could see myself living there, now all I need is to get a visa to work, which is no easy feat. I am hoping to go to Seattle either next year or the year after. There's something funny about the States, when I get back from a trip, I want to go again! I like the relaxed and informal nature of everything, from the people to the signage to the announcements on the Subway and for some reason I love the food. Its not all that different from what you can get here, but there are certain things that I love, the soup and sandwich combination, the making your sandwiches from scratch rather than getting them out a packet, which is more common here, more variety, and the food halls, which may be cheap and tacky and the food not exactly hate cuisine, but they do allow the single diner to eat without feeling like they are totally out of place and shouldn't be there at all. There also seem to be less chain shops in terms of food, although there is of course the obligatory McDonald's and Starbucks round each corner, but there's more choice. Maybe I'm just bored of the UK!

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