Monday, 25 January 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Last weeks menu plan went pretty well with only a few changes. Definite highlights include the Tamarind prawns which I wrote about yesterday, and the Asian chicken noodle salad, which was really delicious. I had a little mishap while making the courgette and dolcelatte risotto, and dropped my le creuset casserole dish on my big toe, fortunately before I had started cooking. It survived, thankfully, but needless to say my toe was very painful. I went to A&E on Saturday morning and they x-rayed it, and then let the blood out from behind the nail. Its not broken, just very battered and bruised and sore. So I'm back at work in my slippers!

This week is a mixture of old and new, I'm making cheesy tuna tortilla melts, to use my the tin of evaporated milk that's about to go off and to hopefully disguise the taste of tinned tuna, which I've discovered I don't like after buying 4 tins! I am also going to my parents house for the weekend, as they are hosting a concert for about 30 people on Friday night, and I'm helping with the cooking.

Yesterday I made some chickpea and rosemary soup, from a recipe I found through foodgawker, ages and ages ago. It came from Frantic Home Cook, who unfortunately doesn't blog anymore. But the soup was delicious and really filling. I only had half a bowlful in the end and I was really full after that. The combination of chickpeas, rosemary and lemon was fantastic. I also swirled in some sour cream at the end.


Lunch: Onion Bhaji, Sour Cream, Pitta Bread
Dinner: Goose Curry with Rice and Beans

Lunch: Out with my Mum for Sushi

Lunch: Leek and Dolcelatte Tortelloni bake (Delia)
Dinner: Chicken Pie, Veg

Lunch: Out with a friend? If not Macaroni Cheese and Salad
Dinner: Ham and Mustard Sandwich

Friday and Saturday: at my parents house

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