Monday, 18 January 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Last weeks menu planning went quite well and there were some definite highlights, the Caribbean chicken with spring onion sauce was delicious, much tastier than I was expecting. I still haven't made the vegetable biryani, I really didn't feel like it on Tuesday and got Chicken Kiev and Chips from Marks and Spencer instead! Ultimate easy comfort food for me! On Saturday I was meant to try my hand at pease pudding, but when I went to the cupboard I discovered that the split peas had gone off in August 2008! So instead I had spaetzle with a tomato sauce, sausages, steamed broccoli and sauerkraut, which was a slightly weird combination but seemed to work!

Yesterday I did a sort out of my kitchen cupboards, after finding the gone off peas on Saturday I decided it needed it, and chucked out anything that was out of date, and put things that needed eating near the front of the cupboard, so my Menu Plan Monday this week includes lots of things that need eating! I'm really looking forward to the courgette and blue cheese risotto, which will use up the grated courgette I froze in the summer. I'm also looking forward to the tamarind prawns tonight, as I found the recipe on a packet of tamarind and it sounded interesting.

Lunch: Hummus and Pitta Bread, Cheese and Biscuits
Dinner: Out at my sister's for dinner (Chicken and Ratatouille with Pasta)

Lunch: Mackerel and Avocado in Pitta Bread (Juice Master)
Dinner: Tamarind Prawns and Rice

Lunch: Chicken, Avocado and Mayonnaise Sandwich
Dinner: Out with a friend

Lunch: Asian Chicken Noodle Salad
Dinner: Bratwurst Wrap

Lunch: Courgette and Pasta Soup, Cheese Sandwich
Dinner: Black Bean or Lentil Curry, Naan Bread

Lunch: Chicken and Potato Croquettes, Stir Fry Veg
Dinner: Salmon with Fettuccine and Basil Pesto (Big Book of Casseroles)

Lunch: Pitta Bread, Onion Bhaji, Sour Cream
Dinner: Courgette and Blue Cheese Risotto (Leiths Vegetarian Bible)

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  1. That risotto does sound yummy! You'll have to let us know how that turns out.