Monday, 11 January 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Last week's menu plan went pretty well. The definite highlight was the Chinese Style Roast Chicken, it was so moist and juicy, the meat just fell of the bone, and the sherry gravy really worked well. More of that later in the week. I also really enjoyed the hot smoked salmon pasta salad, I used tzatziki, mayonnaise, lemon juice and dill to make the sauce and this worked really well with the salmon.

I had a fantastic weekend food wise; I went back to The Diner in Islington, where I went to have my Thanksgiving dinner back in November, and had brunch there on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I had french toast with maple syrup, which was so good, it had loads of cinnamon on it and it was delicious. My sister had blueberry pancakes again with maple syrup, and again it was delicious, properly made American pancakes, absolutely gorgeous. I went back on Sunday with some friends and I had a breakfast burrito; eggs, cheese, tomato and chorizo wrapped in a tortilla with pinto and black beans on the side. I didn't like this so much, there was too much egg really, I think they left out the tomato and it would have been better with it or with some peppers in it to contrast the texture. The beans however were really nice, and I would totally go back for the Pancakes!

This week I'm really looking forward to the hummus mashed potatoes and the pease pudding with sausages. The Caribbean chicken with spring onion sauce is a roll over from last week as I went out on Friday evening instead.

Lunch: Out for Brunch
Dinner: Sweet Potato and Chickpea Soup with Garlic Bread

Lunch: Pasta Salad with Tuna, Red Onion, Capers, Sundried Tomatoes and Pesto
Dinner: Chicken Fajita with Avocado, Sour Cream and Cheese

Lunch: Pitta Bread, Hummus, Ham and Avocado
Dinner: Vegetable Biryani

Lunch: Mortadella and Pesto Pasta Salad
Dinner: Pork Steak with Hummus Mashed Potatoes

Lunch: Cassoulet
Dinner: Pitta Bread and Hummus

Lunch: Goats Cheese and Salami Quiche and Salad
Dinner: Caribbean chicken with spring onion sauce with Rice and Peas (rolled over from last week)

Lunch: Pitta Bread with Avocado and Mackerel
Dinner: Sausages with Pease pudding

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