Monday, 28 September 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Wow, last week was manic. Work was crazy all week and then I made 50 bagels in 2 hours on Thursday for a Museum opening event, and went out every night! It was nice to have Saturday to myself. I went to Borough Market in the morning with a couple of friends and came back with a wild duck, a rabbit and a chicken as well as some veg. I also made some slow dried tomatoes in the oven and canned them, and then made my first crock-pot meal, vegetarian chilli, more on that later in the week.

Last Sunday I made these gorgeous little cheese and spinach mini fritattas from a recipe on and had a couple for breakfast. They were fantastically easy to make and really tasty. I have frozen the rest of them to enjoy at a later date and they will go really well in bento.

Last weeks Menu Plan went out the window towards the end of the week, so some of the things I didn't get to cook are on this weeks plan. We had loads of food left over from the event at work on Thursday evening, that we ate some more for lunch on Friday! The definite hits of last week were the Coriander Potatoes with Chickpeas and Tomatoes, they were absolutely delicious, and the bento from Tuesday, which was so tasty.

This week is bound to be busy as well, I start college on Tuesday, I'm going one day a week and working full time, so its gonna be hard! At the moment I'm half terrified and half excited and it will only be introductory stuff this week. So this weeks Menu Plan Monday meals are simple and mostly things I have tried before.

Lunch: Out at my sisters
Dinner: Daring Cooks

Lunch: Spanish Rice, Salad
Dinner: Yakisoba Noodles with Bean Sprouts and Veal (from Japan Centre Card)

Lunch: Japanese Wasabi Potato Salad, Chicken Tenders, Bean sprouts

Lunch: Sorrel Omelette, Salad
Dinner: Lightly Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Pesto, Lemon Linguine, Veg

Lunch: Macaroni Cheese, Salad
Dinner: Pasta with Snails in a Tomato Sauce

Lunch: Quiche, Salad
Dinner: Chinese Take away and Dirty Dancing on DVD

Lunch: Greek Pasta Salad
Dinner: Out at the Real Greek


  1. You know how to make bagels?? How cool! Those frittatas look delicious. Hope you're first day at college goes well tomorrow. What are you studying?

  2. Technically I know how to fill bagels! We had a mountain of different fillings! Although I do have a recipe for making bagels that I really want to try out. Thank you :) I'm a bit apprehensive, I'm doing a Masters in Library and Information Studies, so it ties in nicely with work.