Monday, 7 September 2009

Menu Plan Monday

A couple of weeks ago my sister made sushi for our Sunday evening get together. Now, I love sushi, and anything Japanese really, so this was fantastic for me. I have only attempted sushi once in my life and it wasn't a huge success, too much rice and not enough filling. She made two sorts of rolls, smoked salmon and cucumber, and prawn and red pepper. The prawn and red pepper ones didn't stay as a roll, we think because prawns are a funny shape, but the smoked salmon ones came out beautifully.

I made a soy sauce and wasabi sauce to go with them, and we also had prawn crackers and sweet chilli dip and I have to say they were really good. Much much better than the cheesecake I made for pudding which was just plain, and lacked any real flavour other than cream cheese. I will definitely have to try that one again, and she will definitely have to make me some sushi again ;)

I am definitely getting creative with my courgettes, not only did I make the courgette cake last week, but I also made courgette and chocolate muffins and courgette and feta mini quiches over the weekend. I will also be making courgette and cheddar picnic bread this week for a family party we are having on Saturday. It has been arranged by one of my relatives and is at her house but I have been asked to make some salads and extra things for the party as there will be 14 of us!

This weeks Menu Plan Monday is full of quick and easy to make food as I have a busy week ahead, with two theatre trips and hopefully I am going to see Julie and Julia on Friday. I am so excited! After listening to everyone in the States talking about it, or rather avoiding them talking about it, for a month, it finally gets released in the UK, so I can find out if it really lives up to the hype!

Lunch: Courgette and Feta Quiche, Salad
Dinner: Fillet Steak, Horseradish Mash, Veg

Lunch: Quiche, Salad
Dinner: Sea Bass with Green Veg and Ramen Noodles (Wagamama Ways with Noodles)

Lunch: Wild Rice, Feta, Courgette and Olive Salad
Dinner: Spaghetti Carbonara, Garlic Bread

Lunch: Twice Baked Jacket Potato, Salad
Dinner: Out?

Lunch: Kedgeree, Salad
Dinner: Duck in a Tin, Veg

Lunch: Hot Smoked Salmon Pasta Salad
Dinner: OUT? Tortelloni with a tomato sauce

Lunch: Out

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