Saturday, 2 May 2009


So whilst I haven't been doing much actual cooking for evening meals, I have been making some yummy lunches, and trying out my new sandwich box. I love having something nice to look at lunchtime, that I have taken care to think about and make, and this is definitely the case with bento.

The first is left over Chinese in my laptop lunch box; lemon chicken (one of my favourite dishes, which I nearly always have when ordering take away), Chinese stir fried mixed veg, egg fried rice with edamame, and then a goats cheese babybel and two cherry tomatoes for a snack.

Usually if I take sandwiches for lunch I use tin foil to wrap them in, which is a costly way of doing things and not very environmentally friendly, but when I was last at the Japan Centre I saw some sandwich boxes which looked perfect. They have a removable separate container for fruit or crisps, and then a main section for sandwiches. It is slightly too wide to fit two sandwiches horizontally, but fitted bagels perfectly vertically with a space at the side, so much easier to pack this way. I'll try cutting the sandwhich in four and see how that fits vertically next time.

This one is red leicester cheese, parma ham, homemade chutney and cucumber sandwich, strawberries (half price in sainsburys at the moment), goldfish crackers and a rabbit with sugar in for dipping the strawberries in.

The second is smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel with capers, strawberries, edamame and french beans with french dressing and two cherry tomatoes. Two side cars, one with raisins and brazil nuts for my morning snack, and one with smoked cuddy's cove cheese, triscuits and two cherry tomatoes for a snack in between work and the theatre tonight.

I am completely addicted to triscuits now. I was sent some black pepper and olive oil ones from my partner in a snack swap I participated in and I love them, they are fantastic with cheese and really tasty. Its so annoying how expensive it is to get American food in the UK. I also love the goldfish crackers, I bought the plain ones when I was in New York but I got some multi coloured ones through the snack swap too and I cannot wait to see how they look in bento!

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  1. Mmm red leicester cheese sandwiches are my absolute favourite!