Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A Trip to the British Museum

On Sunday I felt like something satisfying for lunch after running errands in the morning, and to prepare me for the British Museum in the afternoon, whilst I love the British Museum, it is huge and a bit daunting. I settled on Beans with Cheese and Basil. I have had this recipe bookmarked for ages and never seem to have got around to making it. I didn't have any canellini beans so I used butter beans instead, I think that I probably needed to adjust the cooking time as butter beans are bigger and they weren't as soft as they could have been, but over all it was a very filling meal.

I then wandered to the British Museum, where I specifically wanted to look at the Roman galleries. Unfortunately the Roman Architecture gallery was closed but the Roman and Greek Life gallery made up for this. The gallery had a section about household implements, and I was surprised to discover that many of the cooking implements that they had we would recognise in out own kitchens today, including a muffin tin.

They also had some beautiful mosaics in the gallery, one of the ones that stuck out was this fish and shellfish design.

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