Sunday, 11 January 2009

Quick Cheats Lasagne

On Friday night I was due to go and look at two flats. I am currently in the process of looking for somewhere to buy, as I am so fed up of living in my tiny rented bedsit. It is the most stressful process I have ever been through! Unfortunately one viewing was cancelled before I even got to the Estate Agents and the other one, we arrived and it had no power, so I had a grope around in the dark but couldn't see much, hopefully I am going to go back and see the flats on Wednesday. I also took a trip to Zavvi in Piccadilly, who are going into administration and so are selling off all of their stock really cheaply, and managed to get the complete Morse for £31 and Porridge Series 1-3 for just under £15! I was a very happy bunny and now I have plenty of DVDs to watch!

As I knew that I was going to be late home on Friday I decided to have something quick and easy for dinner, Cheats Lasagne! This came totally out of my head as I had some left over meaty ravioli filling from a cookery course I did ages ago. This I had with a salad and a nice glass of red wine.

Cheats Lasagne

I took the tub of meaty ravioli filling and mixed it with about half a jar of tomato and mascarpone pasta sauce.
I put a layer of the meaty sauce in the bottom of my oven proof dish and covered it with lasagne, I didn't cook the lasagne sheets first as the packet said I didn't need to.
I then put a layer of fresh cheese sauce on top of the lasagne and repeated the meat sauce, lasagne, cheese sauce layers until I filled up the dish and was left with a layer of cheese sauce on the top.
I grated some cheddar cheese on top and put it in the oven on about 200c for about 40mins, until it looked golden on top.

Although I don't usually like lasagne or in fact anything with mince in it, I actually really enjoyed this. I think because the ravioli filling had been liquidized it meant that the meat sauce didn't have the grainy texture that I usually hate about mince.

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