Thursday, 22 January 2009

Spinach and Wensleydale Pasties

This week has been hectic so far, so quick and easy meals have been called for. On Wednesday evening I used one of my freezer staples, Spinach and Wensleydale Pasties. This recipe was given to me by an ex colleague when I had some puff pastry I needed to use up after making pies. The recipe is really simple, but it makes for a deliciously filling meal. I haven't put any measurements as I do the whole thing by eye.

Spinach and Wensleydale Pasties

Wendsleydale cheese, or you could use feta or Cheshire cheese
nutmeg or black pepper
puff pastry
1 egg or some milk

First wilt the spinach, either in a pan with a tiny bit of water in the bottom of by pouring a kettle of boiling water over the spinach in a colander.
Then squeeze as much of the water as possible out of the spinach and mix with crumbled cheese.
Grate nutmeg or grind some black pepper into the spinach mixture.
Lay out the puff pastry and cut into a largeish rectangle, I use jus-rol's ready rolled puff pastry and cut the sheets in half to make one two puffs, and spoon the mixture on to half of the strips leaving a border around the mixture.
Brush the egg or milk around the border and fold the rest of the pastry over so that the filling is covered and the border sticks together.
Egg wash the tops of the pasties and put them in the oven for 15 mins at 200C or until golden brown and serve with salad.

I have also been out for quite a few meals this week. On Monday my Mother came down to London to help me look at flats, so we went to Yo! Sushi in St Pancras Station for lunch as she really wanted to try the restaurant with the conveyor belt! We had a really good meal and for pudding we shared a cheesecake which was to die for, seriously it was really good, so good I had to take a picture. She also really enjoyed the sushi and the seaweed salad which we tried.

In the evening we went to The Real Greek in Covent Garden for dinner before the theatre, which was also really good, we shared some meze to start with and then had kebabs, chips and salad. We went to see Carousel at the Savoy Theatre, which I definitely recommend it was funny in parts but also very weepy and moving as well. I also went out for Pizza on Tuesday night, so all in all its been a busy week so far!

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