Saturday, 10 January 2009

Green Bean Beef

On Thursday night I had planned to have smoked haddock fish cakes for dinner and then I realised that I was only working until 6.30pm so I could spend more time cooking dinner and so I opted for something more complicated but just as quick (the smoked haddock fishcakes came out of a packet for Sainsburys!). Whilst I was at the farm shop last week I got some stir fry beef with the idea of making some Asian inspired dishes, and I came across this one on Livejournal's community Picturing_Food. The community does what it says on the tin, it is people taking pictures of food and then sharing them with other people in the community. It has provided me with some really good ideas for meals.

This is Green Bean Beef made by Pita of No Sin Sans Sugar. I served it on a bed of egg fried sticky rice, and the sauce for the beef was absolutely delicious, so thank you Pita!

I made far too much sticky rice and so I decided to use the leftovers for lunch the following day in my new Bento Box. I broke my small square snack bento box last week by dropping it on the floor, not a good idea! So I went to the Japan Centre on Piccadilly on Wednesday to try and buy a new one. They didn't have any square ones, so I was seduced by a small yellow and white really cute looking box. It has two layers, and the top layer has a divider and a Tupperware top so I can take just the top layer for my snack on late nights, but I also wanted to try and see how much food I could fit into it. The answer is quite a lot!

The bottom layer has egg fried sticky rice with a pig full of soy sauce, the top layer has three meatballs, and some sugar free carrot kinpira from Maki over at Just Bento, the green chick is some hoi sin sauce for the meatballs and then I have Chocolate and Strawberry Koalas in the side car. This was the right amount of food and kept me full until dinner time, its amazing how so small a box can carry so much food!

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  1. :D I'm glad you liked it! I'm adding your blog to my list of links.