Thursday, 8 January 2009

Chicken and Tuna

I have had a busy couple of days getting back into the swing of things at work, but yesterday was my day off. I always have Wednesdays off as I work Saturdays and long days on a Monday and a Thursday. I really enjoy having a day off in the middle of the week, it means that I can do things like go to the Bank and Post Office without standing in horrendous queues and, when I went to Oxford Street on Wednesday morning it was practically dead, there were no queues anywhere!

A colleague and I also often meet up for lunch on a Wednesday as well. This week we went to Yo! Sushi, as they have a 40% Off offer on at the moment, and we had a delicious meal, among some of the dishes we tried were Mushroom Miso Udon, Prawn Yakisoba, and Marinated Salmon and Dill, the only dish we were disappointed with was the Crunchy Tofu, which was a bit soggy. But overall this was delicious and cheap with the 40% Off. It was also much better than our last Yo! Sushi experience when we froze in St Pancras Station!

I was due to have noodles for dinner as well, but after eating noodles for lunch I decided that I couldn't face eating another plate full so I went with mash to accompany my tuna steak. I also wanted an Asian feel to my meal and so I came up with Soy Tuna with Wasabi Mash. The recipe comes from BBC Good Food Magazine online which I absolutely love, its such an easy website to use and navigate around, and has some brilliant quick recipes. The sugar snap peas and courgette were stir fried with a little ginger and some garlic and then drizzled with oyster sauce, and made a delicious side dish.

The night before I tried a variation on Pesto Stuffed Chicken Wrapped in Prosciutto With Pesto Cream Sauce, but instead of stuffing the chicken with pesto I stuffed it with cream cheese, and it worked really well, except I didn't really have any chicken juices for the sauce so instead I added some wine before adding the creme fraiche and pesto. The potatoes were also really tasty, I boiled them the night before and then left them in the fridge over night. I then sauteed them in a pan with some oil and then right at the end squeezed some lemon juice over them.

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