Monday, 20 June 2016

Meal Planning Monday

So I went out for dinner quite a few times last week, but only remembered to take pictures of two! Firstly I treated my Father to dinner for Father's Day. We went to Burger & Lobster, they have recently changed their menu and we had the combo; 6oz burger, small lobster and fries with lemon and garlic sauce, for £28. It was very tasty, I preferred the lobster and my father preferred the burger!

My veg bag arrived last week too: carrots, mushrooms, salad leaves, cucumber and broccoli. I am so glad that there was no cauliflower! This is my last bag for a while because I'm away quite a bit over the summer and I'll have stuff from my own garden too.

On Friday I went to Bone Daddies with my sister. I've been wanting to try it for ages and I was not disappointed. We both had the T22: Soy Ramen, Chicken, Cock Scratchings, Onion and Nori in Chicken Bone Broth. This was delicious, the depth of flavour from the broth was just out of this world.

Finally, this is my garden, looking all lush and green. It's gone a bit crazy because of all the rain and sun we've been having, things are well on their way.

So this week is the last week of term. I'm spending my time running around chasing books and generally tidying things up ready for the summer holidays. So far this week I am out Thursday, at the theatre, and Friday at the cinema, then on Saturday i am meting a friend for brunch and having my annual pedicure!

Cream of Asparagus Soup with a Scone
Tartiflette with Salad

Lunch provided at school
Squash Chicken Roulade with Potatoes and Veg

Smoked Mackerel Flan with Salad
Chipotle Steak Burrito

Leavers lunch
Out before the theatre

Barbecue at work
Out before the cinema

Out for brunch
Butternut Squash Pasta Bake with Salad


Salmon with Mustardy Lentils and Tarragon Mayo

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