Monday, 7 November 2016

Meal Planning Monday

So I completely forgot to take pictures of either of the meals I went out for last week! Instead I'm including a picture of a giraffe we got to feed on Saturday. My sister and I went to a Meet the Giraffes experience at London Zoo and we go to feed the giraffes. They are amazing animals. really majestic and they have this fab way of curling their tongues around the carrots to eat them. We had a lots of fun!

Next week, I am going to try Dirty Burger/Chicken Shop, going to the RHS Urban Garden Show and out with a friend on Sunday. Still trying to get rid of some of those recipe clippings and also using a book this week! What a novelty!

Harissa Roast Veg with Giant Couscous (Hairy Dieters Fast Food)
White Chilli Chicken with Yoghurt Flatbread

Smoked Mackerel Flan with Salad
Veal Chop with Potato and Mushrooms (Telegraph)

Chicken with Bulgar Wheat, Pea and Basil Crush (Waitrose)
Creamy Crab Linguine (Waitrose)

Lettuce Soup with Bread
Out at Dirty Burger

Beetroot Falafel Pitta with Crisps
Aubergine and Feta Burger

Chard Pancakes with Lemon Yoghurt
Lemongrass Salmon Pilaff (Times)

Out for lunch

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