Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Meal Planning Monday

So you will all note that this wasn't posted yesterday as usual. I spent most of Sunday making and baking 124 gingerbread men for World Book Day as the kids at school are decorating them in library lessons this week.

We also have an inspection coming up at school this week so I have been busy preparing for that as well.

I did have a wonderful Saturday afternoon having Afternoon Tea on a boat on the Thames for my sister's 30th birthday. It was a fab afternoon and the food was delicious.

This week is fairly quiet, I'm off to The Afghan Kitchen tonight and making more gingerbread men until I get to 220!!

Baked Potato with Prawn Cocktail 

Curried Parsnip Soup with a Scone
Out at Afghan Kitchen

Meatloaf with Celeriac Mash


Salmon Pasta Salad
Chicken Tandoori with Rice



Out for Mother's Day 

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