Monday, 14 September 2015

Foraging Walk along the New River and Meal Planning Monday

So yesterday afternoon I went on a guided foraging walk along the New River at Manor House. It was run by Manor House PACT and they take place every other month. 

We started at the Castle Climbing Centre and were given some Alexander seeds to try, which tasted a bit like pepper but more bitter. We then moved on to Rose Hips, which can be made into syrup or jelly.

Slightly further down we were shown some Hawthorn Berries, which can be used again to make jelly or to make ketchup a la Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall!

We meandered down the river and were shown some St John's Wort

And then most exciting of all for me was the wild horseradish. When you picked a leaf it smelled spicy and it tasted it too! The young leaves are good for use in salads and the larger ones in stir fries.

Then finally we were shown some white dead-nettle. 

We were shown other things including wild mint and then after the walk we went to a Community Centre and tried blackberry cheese, blackberry chutney and apple and plum chutney that had been made from foraged fruits. All in all it was a really interesting afternoon and lovely to have a walk.

This week is a little different. I'm going to Pilates tonight and then the theatre tomorrow. Then on Wednesday evening I am off to Vienna for four days for an International Baccalaureate workshop. So I'm eating lots of oily fish before I go as I suspect there's going to be a lot of meat in Vienna as well as cake!

Jambalaya with Salad

Out at Rossopomodoro before the theatre

Indian Mackerel Pitta with Crisps
Fed on the airplane

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