Thursday, 2 July 2015

Review: Bao

I don't usually do reviews, mostly because I am so busy concentrating on eating that I don't take any pictures! But this was special, this was steamed buns after all!

So a couple of weeks ago I went to try out Bao. We arrived at 5.30pm when the restaurant opens but there was already a large queue. In fact we only ended up queueing for about 30 mins. Top tip, the queue is on the other side of the road from the restaurant! We choose food from two sections of the menu, the Xiao Chi and the Bao. First to arrive was the Aubergine, Wonton Crisp. This was a lovely spicy babaganoush type dip with crispy wontons and was one of our favourites.

Next up came the Trotter Nuggets, which were stunning, lovely and crispy but meltingly soft in the middle.

Then three at once! Taiwanese Fried Chicken, Classic Bao and Lamb Shoulder Bao. We asked for the hot sauce to come on the side with the Fried Chicken and that was definitely the right decision as when we dipped the chicken into the hot sauce, it is very hot at least to me! The chicken tasted a bit like the flavour you get with salt and pepper squid, which I love. 

The classic bao is slow braised pork scatter with crushed peanut and the lamb is lamb shoulder, both of which were very good and the dough lovely, soft and pillowy.

Then the Daikon Bao, which I really enjoyed. It came with pickled veg which really enhanced the flavour.

The Guinea Fowl Chi Shiang Rice, this comes with a raw egg that you then mix into the rice, a bit like a bibimbap. I loved this one too.

Fried Horlicks Ice Cream was our last item and my what a dish. The bread tasted a bit like brioche and the ice cream was delicious.

All in all a huge success and if you get the chance to go, go!

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