Monday, 26 March 2012


I am having a bit of a Mexican food fiesta at the moment. As I get school dinners, I only want something small and light for dinner, and quesadillas fit the bill perfectly. I made two different sorts of quesadillas; Chorizo and Cheese, and Mango, Brie and Jalapeno. The idea for the chorizo and cheese ones comes from a friend and the Mango, Brie and Jalepeno is a recreation of a dish I've had at Cafe Pacifico. Both were absolutely delicious, although sadly some of the brie leaked out so I had a hard time cleaning the pan!

I made two types of quesadillas. The first were chorizo and cheddar (I would usually use Monteray Jack but couldn't find any).

The second were brie, mango and jalapeno quesidillas

No recipe is really needed here. I use Nigella's method for making them; I put the filling on half of the tortilla and then fold it in half to dry fry it until crispy and serve.

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  1. simple and delicious, we love quesadillas in our house too!