Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Chicken and Tarragon Pot Pies

I made this pie a little while ago, when I had some leftover roast chicken and it's been sat in my freezer. I was supposed to have it on Sunday but I went to see the Hunger Games instead, so had it on Monday. I wasn't all that impressed with the Hunger Games but I seem to be in the minority! Everyone else I've spoken to loved it! These are mostly 11 year old girls, I work in a school, but still! I found it very slow and lacking in action but as it was a 12A I think it was probably marketed at a younger age group.

This pie on the other hand was lovely. It was really flavourful and the puff pastry was great. I served it with sauteed white cabbage and courgettes.

Chicken and Tarragon Pot Pies (from Good Food Magazine January 2006)
(Serves 4)

400g cooked turkey or chicken, torn into chunks
100g chestnut mushrooms, quartered
100g frozen peas, defrosted
chicken stock, fresh, cube or concentrate made up to 300ml
1 onion, halved and sliced
2 sheets of fresh or frozen ready-rolled puff pastry , cut to fit 4 pie dishes
1 egg, beaten for glazing
a small bunch tarragon, leaves chopped
142ml pot of double cream

Heat the oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6.

Cook the onion and mushrooms in a little butter until soft, add the rest of the ingredients (except the pastry), bubble up and season.

Divide between 4 small ovenproof pie dishes, cover with a circle of puff and glaze. Bake for 20-25 minutes until puffed and golden.

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