Thursday, 16 March 2017

Marrakesh Food Tour

On one of our evenings in Marrakesh we went on a food tour run by Marrakech Food Tours. This was  a fantastic experience and really gave us the highlights of Moroccan food. We started with Tangier, basically meat cooked in a sealed pot for hours and hours in a sealed underground oven. The meat was so tender and flavourful.

We then went to one of the olive stalls in the Souk, the variety and flavour of the olives was overwhelming! So good!

We then went to have a Moroccan Pancake or Msemen. We had one stuffed with tomatoes and onion and another plain drizzled with honey. We also realised that one of these had been part of our breakfast every day! They were really good and I want to try making these at home.

Next up were sardines cooked with lamb fat in flatbread. They were so good and didn't taste fishy at all, really very meaty.

We then looked at a communal oven where families came to bring their bread to bake. It was very hot!

Next up were Moroccan doughnuts. Again these were dipped in honey and a lovely sweet treat.

After that we had snails. Have had snails many times before in France, the Moroccan ones were smaller but just as tasty.

We then headed to the Women's market and enjoyed properly cooked couscous, made from scratch by hand. It was out of this world.

It was served with grilled aubergines. Yum!

Our last stop was for pastries and smoothies, the pastries were very nutty! I also went for an Avocado and Almond smoothie which was delicious. 

Our guide on this tour was very knowledgeable and we got to know more about the food of Morocco as well as the culture and religion. If you want to find out more about Marrakesh and eat along the way I would definitely recommend this tour.

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