Sunday, 12 March 2017


Over half term I spent a couple of days in Lisbon. Breakfast on the first morning was a stop at Confeitaria Nacional, just round the corner from our apartment. We had coconut buns, Pao de Deus and four different flavours of Pasteis de Nata; caramel, vanilla, chocolate and normal. The coconut buns were absolutely gorgeous and we both agreed that the vanilla custard tart was the best.

In the evening we went to Pensao Amor, a cocktail bar in a former brothel. I went for a Balsamic Daiquiri, which was different and even the waiter gave me a weird look when I ordered it! It was actually very tasty and went down very easily! My friend had a Mai Tai, which was better one she had mixed it!

We also visited Pasteis de Belem, which is supposed to be the original place for the Pasteis de Nata and I was told the best place to buy them. To be fair they tasted exactly the same as the one we had for breakfast the day before! 

Whilst in Lisbon I was obsessed with finding a Bifana, basically marinated pork in a bun. We went to O Afonso das Bifanas, a tiny hole in the wall place, which was full of locals eating their lunch. The bifana was out of this world. 

On our wanderings around Lisbon we also stopped off for a glass of fizzy wine and a bacalao croquette. I can't remember where this was but it hit the spot!

On our last night we went to Casa do Pasto for dinner. We found a little bar downstairs that served really good wine for 2€ a glass. We then went upstairs for dinner. We had bread, pickled carrots and olives to start with and then I had Veal Cheeks with Beetroot and Chickpeas. This was so tasty, and the meat just fell apart on my fork. Yum! They also specialised in Portuguese cocktails, with some really interesting flavours.

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  1. That sounds like a great trip! A balsamic cocktail sounds intriguing...x