Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Meal Planning Monday

So I skipped a day because of the Bank Holiday, which I spent walking around London and gardening. Last week went pretty much as planned. I went out for cake after work with a friend on Wednesday and we went to Sketch, near Oxford Circus. They have a number of themed rooms and we sat in The Glade. I had a Perfect Passion to drink, which was a non alcoholic cocktail of passion fruit, lychee and lime, slightly tart, slightly sweet.

Then I had the Gateau Chocolat/Caramel, which was Chocolate caramel mousse, cocoa dacquoise, crispy hazelnut feuillantine and caramel marmalade, it was seriously good. The atmosphere was amazing too, and if you go, you have to check out the loos!

This week is quiet, no going out in the evenings, just a week of work. Making it the perfect week to try and shift some of those excess pounds and have a WeightWatchers week. I have broken out my WeightWatchers cookbooks and I am exclusively using recipes from them. I thought I'd point everything out in my plan so you can see a little bit how I work with this plan. Recipes will follow of course.

Berry Blitz (Cooking the WW Way) (0)
Banana (0)
Chinese Vegetable Pancakes (WW Cooking for One) (9) Chocolate Milk (1)
WW Chocolate Orange Biscuit (2)
M&S Salt and Vinegar Lentil Curls (2)
Spiced Meatballs with Roast Carrot Couscous (WW Fresh and Easy Everyday) (12)

Cheese and Fruit (3)
Banana (0)
Eastern Coley Skewers in a Wrap (WW Fresh and Easy Everyday) (8) M&S Salt and Vinegar Lentil Curls (2)
WW Caramel Wafer (2)
Baked Chinese Trout with Noodles and Stir Fry Veg (WW Nice N Spicy) (11)

Cheese and Fruit (3)
Banana (0)
Creamy Smoked Mackerel Pasta (WW Seasonally Sensational) (15)
WW Chocolate Biscuit Bar (2)
Chilli Chicken with Flageolet Beans (WW Nice n Spicy) (6)

Cheese and Fruit (3)
Banana (0)
Italian Fish Stew (7) with Bread (2) (WW Seasonally Sensational) 
WW Triple Chocolate Biscuit (2)
Spicy Chicken Patties (5) in Pitta (4) (WW Fresh and Easy Everyday) with Walkers Lights (3)

Cheese and Fruit (3)
Banana (0)
WW Cheese and Onion Crustless Quiche with Salad (7)
WW Caramel Wafer (2)
Chicken Makhani (6) with Rice (5) and Mango Chutney (2) (WW Seasonally Sensational) 
(2 points to play with)

Berry Blitz (Cooking the WW Way) (0)
Out at Cupcake Tour
Courgette and Wild Garlic Soup (0) with Bread (2) (WW Seasonally Sensational)

Rhubarb Yoghurt (4)
Banana (0)
Smoked Haddock Florentine (WW Easy Everyday) (10)
WW Caramel Wafer (2)
Chicken Tikka (1) Pitta (4) with 1 tsp Mango Chutney (1) and Crisps (3) (9)
Strawberries and Blueberries with 1 tsp sugar (1)

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