Monday, 4 May 2015

Meal Planning Monday

Wow, so next week is epic, I am out every evening and all day Saturday. Monday is bank holiday so I get a lie in! Then in the afternoon I am going to Inventing Impressionism at the National gallery with a friend and then to an Alice in Wonderland Themed Dinner at the Vauxhall Tea House Theatre. On Tuesday I am going to see Ah Wilderness at the Young Vic, Wednesday A Mad World My Masters at the Barbican, Thursday Who Cares at the Royal Court and then Friday is International Night at School where parents get together to create stalls and food from all around the world. Saturday I am at an Alice in Fashion conference at the Museum of Childhood. Sunday I think I'm going to collapse! So mostly I am eating out and making lunches or rather getting lunch out of the freezer!

Goat's Cheese and Pesto Toastie
Out at an Alice in Wonderland Dinner

Pasta with Asparagus, Parma Ham and Goat's Cheese
Out before the theatre

Courgette and Wild Garlic Soup with Bread
Out before the theatre

Mushroom and Wild Garlic Quiche with Salad
Out before the theatre

Out at International Night at School

Cheese and Pickle Sandwich with Crisps
Goose Curry with Rice


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