Monday, 2 March 2015

Meal Planning Monday

So last week went pretty well. The talk at the V&A was very interesting, Kill Me Now at the Park Theatre was outstanding, whereas Bad Jews at the St James Theatre was less, good, lots of good rants but it didn't really go anywhere. My weekend was lovely, On Friday night my sister, godmother and her husband came to my parents house and we had a really yummy dinner of Chicken Casserole followed by Coffee Meringue Brownie which was amazing.  Then I had a very chilled rest of the weekend doing jobs, spending time with my parents and making cookies!

This week is much quieter. I'm doing noting much during the week in the evenings, pilates tonight and that's about it. At the weekend I'm meeting a friend on Sunday and we might be going to the cinema or just having lunch. The meal plan is varied, trying to use things up from the freezer.

Tomato and Raclette Quiche and Salad
Cottage Pie with Veg/Salad

Southwestern Quinoa Burrito with Crisps

Veggie Stew and Rice

Whopper Potato Salad (A Salad for All Seasons)
Tandoori Chicken with Curry Sauce and Rice

Indian Mackerel Pitta with Crisps
Jerusalem Artichoke and Spinach Pasty with Salad (Ottolenghi)

Tuna Cheese Melt
Chicken with Red Lentils (River Cottage)

Out for lunch


  1. The beetroot and goats cheese toastie sounds so good! Enjoy your week :)

  2. Wow what a lovely meal plan! It sounds so healthy. Have a lovely week x

  3. Yum! Everything sounds fantastic!

  4. Oh I like the idea of a beetroot and red cabbage coleslaw, it sounds great. Have a good week.