Monday, 5 July 2010

Menu Plan Monday and Cheese and Black Bean Quesedillas

Last week I made quesedillas, I have only made them once before and they were a total disaster and all the filling fell out when I tried to flip them! This time I only filled half the tortilla and folded it over and then fried it and this worked much better.

I put cheese, Mexican black beans and spring onions in the middle and then fried until brown on each side. Served with guacamole.

I didn't menu plan last week because I was away for half the week, but I really struggled towards the end of the week for ideas for meals! I have so much veg in my fridge this week. Both from my Mum's veg patch and from my garden. I have courgettes ready as well as lots of loganberries, broad beans and different sorts of lettuce! So my Menu Plan Monday this week is trying to use up some of this veg!

Lunch: Salami and Hummus Sandwich
Dinner: Out for my Mum's birthday

Lunch: Cheese and Ham Orzo Casserole, Salad
Dinner: Tomato and Cheese Tart, Salad

Lunch: Potato Salad, Frankfurters, Spinach with Vinaigrette
Dinner: Lamb Cutlets with Asparagus, Sorrel and Broad Bean Risotto

Lunch: Prawn, Avocado and Mayo Toastie
Dinner: Special Fried Rice

Lunch: Asiago Pasta, Salad
Dinner: Smoked Haddock Fishcakes, Salad

Lunch: Ham, Spring Onion and Wendsleydale Pasty, Salad
Dinner: Chicken with Hummus, Olives and Thyme with Lemon and Sorrel Rice and Veg

Lunch: Poached Egg with Ham and Toast
Dinner: Grilled Salmon with Courgette and Pesto Pasta

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  1. Oh my, oh my. these look seriously good. I really like black beans.